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Meet Our Staff

Paul Thomas,  SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer


(337) 482-6242

Charlene Hamilton
Human Resources Manager
Policies & Procedures, Civil Service & State Retirement Liaison, Civil Service Appointing Authority, Performance Evaluation System (PES), Compensation; HR ERP Co-Team Lead

(337) 482-6251

Susan Miller, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Senior Human Resources Specialist
HR Special Projects,  ERP Team Lead

(337) 482-6261

Corey Faul, SPHR
Senior Human Resources Specialist
HR Special Projects, Compliance, Eligibility, and Compensation, Job Descriptions, HR Website maintenance;HR ERP Co-Team Lead, HR Reporting and Data Analysis

(337) 482-6257

Stacy Robinette
Senior Human Resources Specialist
Employee Relations, Employee Discipline, Civil Service Appointing Authority for disciplinary actions, Supervisor consultant for employee performance enhancement ,Grievances, Workers Compensation; FMLA Management, Drug Testing Program

(337) 482-6246

Shirlane Sam
Human Resources Assistant
Employment Services, Address/Name changes, Outside email access,  Employment Verifications, Background Checks


(337) 482-6242

Vanessa M. Richard
Human Resources Generalist I
HR Special Projects, ERP Team Co-lead

(337) 482-6258

Lelanya Douet, PHR, SHRM-CP
Manager, Human Resources & Training
New Iberia Research Center Personnel
Appointing Authority for disciplinary actions

(337) 482-0327

Taronsler Faye Cormier
Human Resources Analyst- C
Classified/Civil Service Employee Recruitment and Services Coordinator, EEO Tracking/Management,  Westaff (Temporary Service), Civil Service Eligibility and Compensation, Employment Inquiries, HRIS Reporting, Employment Services, Academic/Staff Vacancy Posting, HR Website Maintenance, Student Worker Employment Processing


(337) 482-6247

Shekethia Ryan-Williams
Human Resources Analyst- B
Unclassified/ Faculty Employees Coordinator, HRIS Reporting, Employment Services, TRSL/Lasers Retirement, Student Worker Employment Processing


(337) 482-6248

Lindsay Samuel
Title IX Coordinator

Oversees monitoring of University policy in relation to Title IX legal developments; implementation of grievance procedures, including notification, investigation and disposition of complaints; provision of educational materials and training for the campus community; conducting and/or coordinating investigations of complaints received pursuant to Title IX; ensuring a fair and neutral process for all parties; and monitoring all other aspects of the University’s Title IX compliance.


(337) 482-2921

Carolyn Benoit
Human Resources Analyst- A
Graduate Assistants, Employment Services, Tuition Exemption verification, Temporary Part-time (Formerly Casual Labor) Employee Coordination, Degree Verifications, HRIS Reporting, NIRC Classified Employment Processing, HR Website Maintenance, Student Worker Employment Processing - Lead


Malika Oubre
Human Resources Analyst- A
Benefits, Insurance Plans, Flexible Spending (Formerly Cafeteria Plan), Unemployment,
Student Worker Employment Processing




Brittany Day
Human Resources Analyst-A (WAE)
Position Request Forms/Personnel Action Forms Tracking and Distribution