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Hiring Procedures and Forms

Effective immediately, all requests to create, replace, and fill vacant positions and hire new or extend existing employees of all types must be submitted using the forms found on this page. This standardized approach will aid in expediting requests by ensuring that only and all necessary information needed to evaluate, approve, and process your request is provided. 

Please bookmark this page and only use the forms found here when you are initiating new action, as these forms may change as we refine the hiring process.

One of the key benefits of this new process is that Human Resources will review all actions early-on in the process to ensure that you are making the right request to meet your stated need.  No longer will you have to wait until your request goes through the entire approval process only to learn that you requested the wrong type of position or followed the wrong process.  Through our front-end review, we will ensure that your request will not fail for technical reasons.  Additionally, this process will help increase the chance of final approval by helping you refine your request to address all other operational, organizational, and fiscal concerns.  Ultimately this standardized process will become the foundation for the Banner Talent Management system.

Employment Types and Hiring Procedures

FAQ's HR Forms

Hiring Checklist

Position Request and Description Form

Position Request and Description Instructions

Personnel Action Form

Personnel Action Form Instructions

Unclassified Faculty Vacancy Announcement-Template( PDF)  (Word Version)

Unclassified Staff Vacancy Announcement-Template( PDF)       (Word Version)

Westaff Requisition Form(PDF) (Word Version)

Westaff Contract Rate Sheet

University Volunteer Agreement

Employment Application (Temporary Part-time Employees)