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Strategic Plan


Vision Statement:

Through a combination of best practices and well established strategic partnerships, the Department of Human Resource Services will recruit, develop, and support the diverse and inclusive workforce of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Mission Statement :

The mission of Human Resource Services is to develop and sustain a dynamic work environment that fosters a culture of excellence by applying best in practice services to advance the overall mission of the University through the acquisition, retention and support of a diverse and inclusive faculty and staff.

Values Statement:

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Department of Human Resource Services is committed to:

  1. The highest ethical and professional standards
  2. Focusing on an institutional culture of excellence
  3. Excellence in customer service
  4. A diverse and inclusive workforce
  5. A workforce trained to fulfill its potential
  6. Using technology to promote efficiencies
  7. Creative and collaborative problem solving
  8. Open communication and constructive dialogue
  9. Cultivating a philosophy of work/life balance


  1. Create and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce through the development of recruitment, training, work/life balance, performance management, and retention programs.
  2. Develop a culture of institutional excellence by focusing on the highest standards of ethics and integrity, exceptional customer service, transparency, personal and professional development, and succession planning.
  3. Develop current and future leaders through a commitment to focused training, robust total rewards packages and performance management programs.
  4. Improve operational efficiencies by leveraging technology and developing strategic partnerships to best serve the university community.