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Classified Employee Market Adjustments

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Changes to the Code of Governmental Ethics

Effective July 1, 2018

Food and Drink Limit Increases

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LEO ID numbers for Training

All employees are assigned a LEO number for state training (Ethics, Purchasing/LA Carte, etc.) These numbers are gen

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Temporarily Unavailable

Sexual harassment prevention training is currently unavailable for access and completion.

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Classified Employee Market Adjustments previously called merit raises/performance adjustments will go into effect 7/15/18. We will start having these once a year in July, which will only apply to Classified Full-Time employees, who have been continuously employed by us, for at least 6 months on the date of the Market Adjustment. It will not apply to WAE employees or those who received a “Needs Improvement/Unsuccessful” evaluation.

Civil Service also changed the percentage amount each person receives, based on where their current pay rate falls in their respective GIS level. It can vary from 1-4% based on this factor. HR can provide employees with an explanation for their particular case.

Call T. Faye Cormier in Human Resources with questions at 482-6247.