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2023 State Civil Service Commission Election General Circular 2023-009

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2023 State Civil Service Commission Election

The purpose of this General Circular is to remind employees that voting for the classified
employee member of the State Civil Service Commission ends on this Friday, February 24, 2023,
at 5 p.m. Central Standard Time.
Employees who believe they are eligible to vote but have not received a ballot are encouraged
to contact the Election Coordinator for information on how to vote in the election.
For eligible voters who are in possession of a ballot, there is still time to cast a vote before the deadline
using one of the following methods:

• By telephone, using the toll-free number on your ballot; or
• By internet, using the link on your ballot or on our website at

We do not recommend returning ballots by U. S. mail at this point, as all paper ballots must be
physically received by the vendor by 5 p.m. on February 24, 2023, to be included in the tabulation.
Postmarks are not acceptable for receipt date verification.

s/Byron P. Decoteau


Follow link for attached Circular:
2023 State CS Commission Election Circular 2023-009